Bedpan Sanitizers

Revolutionary new ES “energy saver” series sanitizer ES Energy Saver Bedpan Sanitizer
HALF the amount of water consumption
Requires only SINGLE PHASE power and COLD water only
Does not require water overflows or vent to atmosphere pipe
Will readily fit in place of older or non complying sanitizers
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Standard FS series Sanitizer; In production since 1995 still available in its various models FS Bedpan Sanitizer
Requires 3 phase power, hot and cold water & vent to atmosphere pipework
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Washer Disinfectors: WDT2 free standing top loading Washer Disinfector - Top Loading
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Blanket Warming & Fluid Warming Cabinets
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Fluid & Blanket Freestanding Warming Cabinet
Anaesthetic Drying Cabinets
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Anaesthetic Drying Cabinet
Bedpan & Urine Bottle Racks
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Bedpan & Urinal Storage Drying Racks

Malmet products comply with the following Australian Standards
AS 2437 Sanitizers for Bed pans & Urine bottles
AS 2945 Batch type washer disinfectors
AS 4187 Cleaning, disinfecting & sterilizing re-useable medical & surgical instruments & equipment
AS 2774 Drying cabinets for Respiratory equipment
AS 3200.1 Medical Electrical Equipment

Also note
MP 52

Water Board local exceptions to Authorization
Authorization not granted
Mache bedpan and urine container/item disposal units.
South Australian Water Corporation
Water Corporation of Western Australia
Sydney Water Corporation
Dept of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability

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